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Web Clipper Bug: Web clipper is saving the page in the evernote a lot of time



Hi Evernote Team,

   The web clipper is saving the page in evernote a lot of time. Not sure why. Here are the details, that may help.

Evernote Web clipper details:

Additional Information
Version: 7.3.0
Updated: June 14, 2018
Size: 2.14MiB

Chrome version:


Using Mac: 10.13.4


Evernote side bar to show how it is effecting my notes:


As you can see "Company Culture and Managing Freedoms" note has occurred I don't know how many times. This is not one note, but there are many, so I have to raise a request. This is really stupid and time wasting as I have to delete the duplicates, and then Evernote takes time to delete it.

Please let me know if you need anything from my end?




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