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Distance or similar between Tag and Number of Notes



It would be great if there was a way to seperate for example the tags or folders in the left side menu from the amount of notes in this tag/folder.

For example:

"Website Texting 1.2 1"

I always have to look twice to see the number of notes in the folder/tag, if there was more distance or a green bubble or something else with the number of notes, it would make navigating and findig the right notes easier.

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YES!  i have the same problem.

this is inconsistent with Apple's macOS user interface guidelines, and just sub-par UX design generally.

interestingly, the web version of EN visually differentiates between the name of notebooks/tags and the number of notes within/associated with them (the tag/notebook name is in black/grey font, and the number of associated notes is shown in green font). for some reason the macOS app (dunno about the Windows version) lacks this small but very useful refinement.  I very much hope the developer team considers implementing it.

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