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Please get rid of the pointless two-step login form on the web



When you try to login to the web or webcliper, you are presented with a single box to enter your email address, then you click, then you are shown a second box for the password, then you have to click again.

It seems pretty pointless,  the interface is just wasting our time. Do your UX people really think that users feel challenged by having to deal with two boxes at a given time?

Please show us a single form with two input boxes so that we can login with one click, thanks.

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I totally second this. It's a little thing that could be fixed in 5 mins, but drives me crazy every time I try to log in.

First, there's a popup "Where teams stay ahead - start free trial" that I have to click away. Then click on login. Then enter email. Then enter password. It's as if they try to maximize the time it takes to log in.

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