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(Archived) Can't put elephant icon on menu bar



My elephant icon has gone missing from my menu bar. I may have at one point option-dragged it off of the menu bar during a time when I wasn't using Evernote, if that matters. I've installed the latest version, plus I have done the various permutations in setting the preference checkbox and stopping and starting to no avail to restore the elephant. Considering that in the many forum questions the answer was to quit Evernote from the menu bar, it sounds like this is a rather handy thing to have, in addition to the clipping abilities.

I looked for similar articles regarding the elephant icon going missing from the menu bar, and the latest I could find was from November 2008, which didn't work for me, so hopefully you'll have another answer.



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I had the same problem, and just figured it out. First of all, my problem, was that a second user account on my iMac didnt have the elephant icon showing, but the primary did. So, then I unchecked the box on the primary to show the elephant in the menu bar, then launched Evernote on the second account, and finally it showed up. So then I logged them both out, then logged back in, and both user accounts have the elephants in the menu bar now. Hope this helps!

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