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  1. OK, so the Apple Pencil is out now, and I've got one! Received it yesterday (last one at my local Apple Store), and it's pretty incredible coming from someone who has been longing for this on the iPad, since using a Tablet PC many years ago with an active stylus. The Pencil will work in any app that accepts "ink" input...so it does work with PenUltimate today. But, as I'm sure Evernote is well aware, it is certainly not optimized for the iPad Pro or Apple Pencil. Since there is so much screen real estate on the iPad Pro, the app needs to be scaled to take advantage of this (right now its in "Zoom" mode from the standard iPad size). Evernote - any updates here? Notability is becoming my go-to handwriting app, because of the audio syncing (please buy Ginger Labs, and make this an Evernote product, or bring the same functionality) - but I need the organization ability of Evernote. Penultimate would at least allow me to take non-audio synced notes into my Evernote workflow, and I'll use Notability for everything else until you guys finally address this. Thanks
  2. I'd take another look at Notability if I were you. I had the same issue. I am an Evernote power user, but I needed the ability of audio synched notes for meetings & trainings to go to specific information at a tap. I used to use Livescribe for this, but will never purchase another one of their products, after buying several flawed new items, and their proprietary format. Hoping Evernote rolls this feature out, or buys Notability. Notability has improved dramatically probably even since you posted this. I'm now using it on iPad Pro. Notability's biggest downfall for me, compared to Evernote is lack of good organization/tagging/fitting in with my Evernote workflow, and the inability to URL local link to specific notes as you can in Evernote.
  3. Absolutely!! I'm in a similar boat. Hate that I have to use Penultimate EDIT: NOTABILITY, not Penultimate...for certain scenarios (biggest one being audio recording along with note time sync with the audio (like Livescribe, except it actually works!). Please bring something like this to an app for the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil! Been an EN user since the beginning. I'm an old TabletPC user, and never going back to Win, but miss the active pen input, and inking. My use case is primarily meeting notes, and scoping customer service requirements. However, I do a lot of web based learning as well, which I like to take notes on. I need the ability to record audio along with the notes, and to jump right back to that spot. Man, if you guys can find a way to pull that off on my "coming soon" iPad Pro...game over for me. It's what I've been wanting for years. The hardware is finally there for true note taking , just need you guys to step up on the (best) notes app side!
  4. I would even be ok if there were a way to paste in an audio timeline marker as I'm taking notes in Evernote, and the audio is recording
  5. Any update on this guys? I'm not overly encouraged since this post was 2 years ago. I've got almost the exact same scenario as Jared, and cannot transcribe any of my audio files into Dictate (just upgraded to v4). A user setting (unless I'm missing something, and there is a way to do it) is needed! Update - BTW - since I just saw that this was posted under IOS, everything else applies, but I was referring to Evernote OSX (I also use IOS, and know you added the High/Low quality audio - thank you, love it!). What about OSX? Any way to do this?
  6. I had the same problem, and just figured it out. First of all, my problem, was that a second user account on my iMac didnt have the elephant icon showing, but the primary did. So, then I unchecked the box on the primary to show the elephant in the menu bar, then launched Evernote on the second account, and finally it showed up. So then I logged them both out, then logged back in, and both user accounts have the elephants in the menu bar now. Hope this helps!
  7. I've seen a response to this, but it was old. Let me ask again, as I'm hoping there is a different answer now. I am migrating everything from Safari to Firefox as my perm browser. However, I have gotten very used to the awesome web clipper in Safari where Shift+Evernote button preserves an entire page in its original format + the URL into Evernote. The Firefox clipper seems to be the old style of clipping. PLEASE tell me there is a way to do this in Firefox today as it works in Safari?? If not, are you guys working on it? Timeline?? Thanks
  8. Thanks Andrew....that actually totally clears it up. Thats exactly what I was doing too to see if the native file was preserved: Spotlight searching. I see that the native file is just assigned a random filename though based on the path you provided above. Why is this not tied to the name of the note as a title? Thanks for the clarification. I feel much better now about dumping more stuff in here.
  9. I was surprised to see that tags appear in a public shared notebook. Is there any way to not have them visible to others? Also - is there any way to have a common shared (and synced) notebook between 2 Evernote users?
  10. Thanks for the response. That is helpful. I guess the thing I am confused about is this: if I upload the file as a JPG, or a PDF, it doesnt appear to me as if I could ever pull the file off of Evernote in its preserved native format, is that correct? I know that whatever the format, I can still always "Print to PDF" on the desktop side of my Mac, but I just want to confirm on the file preservation. It appears in the Evernote desktop application that it saves things with a "*.evernote" extension (NOT a PDF or JPG). I'm just thinking down the road - if I am going paperless, and rely on Evernote to hold documents, articles that I scan and then throw away - if I ever stop using the service or go to something else, what am I left with? I know typically when I just scan something to the Mac or PC folder, I still have a PDF or JPG file at the end of the day. But, when I scan to evernote, It doesnt seem to me I have either. Am I missing something? Thanks
  11. If I am importing paper documents from a Scanner (Fujitsu 500M) via Mac into Evernote (which works awesome in just pointing the target application as Evernote) - should I be exporting them from the scanner and into Evernote as a PDF document or a JPG file (I have the option to do either). So far, I dont see the benefit to bringing it into Evernote as PDF, because you dont preserve it in PDF, right? I know with JPG I get a preview thumbnail on the Mac and my iPhone. With the PDF, I don't...instead of a preview - its just a generic PDF document representation icon. Are there any benefits to PDF in searching or otherwise? Will you have PDF export down the road if I do bring it in as PDF now? Do you have upcoming PDF preview on the web client or iPhone? (PDF preview does work on the Mac desktop client I know) Thanks....soon to be a subscriber as soon as I can figure all of this out.
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