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  1. Absolutely!! I'm in a similar boat. Hate that I have to use Penultimate EDIT: NOTABILITY, not Penultimate...for certain scenarios (biggest one being audio recording along with note time sync with the audio (like Livescribe, except it actually works!). Please bring something like this to an app for the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil! Been an EN user since the beginning. I'm an old TabletPC user, and never going back to Win, but miss the active pen input, and inking. My use case is primarily meeting notes, and scoping customer service requirements. However, I do a lot of web based learning as well, which I like to take notes on. I need the ability to record audio along with the notes, and to jump right back to that spot. Man, if you guys can find a way to pull that off on my "coming soon" iPad Pro...game over for me. It's what I've been wanting for years. The hardware is finally there for true note taking , just need you guys to step up on the (best) notes app side!
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