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Resource not changed issue longtime issue

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I know this has been reported several times to Evernote so I'm confused why it hasn't been fixed yet.     

So Evernote fails to give us any valuable editing after a document is scanned.  Multiple times, the image is not properly cropped by Evernote.  And I even have the document on a black wood desk!   

So I use the edit image feature.  I then select Snapseed and crop in the image.  After pressing done in snapseed, I go back to Evernote and receive the message resource not changed.  The only app that seems to work with Evernote is Pixlr.    

Has anyone found a work around?  Has anyone found an app that works well with Evernote.  

In addition to not working with well known Snapseed, it doesn't work with Adobe Photoshop app.  The fact that it fails with SEVERAL apps is a problem on Evernotes end.   


  The next version of Android better have more advanced editing features for images that are scanned!    I like Evernote and have been with them for years but if they don't start taking several things seriously (scanning & pen improvements), LIKE THIS YEAR (OK BY 2019 SINCE EVERNOTE TAKES FOREVER WITH UPDATES), then I'm concerned about their future.    



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