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I am not able to find any proper document for doing Create, Update and Delete operation for integrating users into Evernote business

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Please provide me with a document or an URL for doing  integration to Create , Update and Delete USERS or give me a confirmation  for Evernote does not support these operation.

I am looking for Evernote REST APIs to integrate Evernote to my app. My requirement is that
1. I should be able to authenticate Evernote with my app. Are there any OAuth Based authentication supported?
I am also looking for Evernote SDKs or  REST APIs. Are these APIs available for Evernote or Evernote Business?

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Hi, Thanks for your response.

1#  I need to know whether create, read, update and delete users can be done using HTTP request API or SDK. If present, what are they???

2#   Does API key has permission to access or manage user account, rather than accessing the content of the user accounts?


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