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Bug: cursor in note editor continues blinking after losing focus

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Evernote version: (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193)

The standard paradigm for Windows programs is that if you switch to another program the cursor should become invisible.

The problem with the Evernote note editor is that if I'm editing a note, the cursor blanks as expected, but if I switch to a completely different program (in my case, the editor in  PHP IDE) the cursor is still there, blinking as if it's still got focus.

I can then end up doing CTRL&V to paste text into the note, because I think it has focus, but the text is pasted into the other app (in my case, wrecking my PHP syntax).

This is really annoying, and should be fixed. Please follow the normal paradigm for Windows programs :-)

Thanks in anticipation


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