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(Archived) Evernote for eBooks (idea?)

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Here is an idea that we all waiting for! :) As an eBook user (Kindle) I thought that it's built in clipping mechanism is a classic case for EverNote storage. You will find, for example, that many students struggles somewhat with the management of these clips on their eBook, but when you consider the option to sync it with Evernote... the sky is the limit. This will allow a student to access their clips online from everywhere, add their own notes, share with colleges, etc..... I'm already excited!

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Thanks for the suggestion. We looked a bit at the Kindle SDK, and there were a few issues that made Evernote a bit tricky on that platform. In particular, the lack of HTML display for applications and the unusual bandwidth model (the app vendor [i.e. Evernote]) pays for all of your data transfer while using our app.

So we haven't ruled it out, but there were some problems.

Too bad, since I got a DX for Christmas last year ...

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