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(Archived) EverNote clipper Mac vs Windows extra step through clipboard

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Probably in the works but just in case, in the interest of Mac - Windows feature parity:

In the Windows EverNote, to add selection from any application to Evernote all is needed is to click on the clipper tray icon.

In the Mac EverNote, to add selection from an application to Evernote, you first need to copy the selection to the clipboard, then select the clipper icon in the menu and, finally, click paste to new note.

Are the extra steps really necessary?

Are there plans to streamline this process similar to the Windows client behavior?

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Mac OS X doesn't give our application as much access to the "current selection" as you get from Windows, so we are a bit limited in the general case.

Once you get used to it, you can use the hotkeys to "Command-C" copy and "Control-Command-V" to paste into Evernote pretty quickly, but I agree that it would be nice if we could get it down to one hotkey or button. We're looking into the right way to do this, and it seems like it's going to be application-by-application work (i.e. we do something special for Safari, then something different for Mail.app, etc.). It's definitely on our list, but will be a little later in the beta.


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Isn't there something on the Mac called Services that allows for the sharing of selected content between applications? If I remember correctly the mac program called Togehter (or was it YoJimbo or Meebo?) had a very nice way of getting clippings to its databases.

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Right, that's a good example of one of the partial solutions available. OS X Services gives you access to the current text-only selection on Cocoa apps, and a handful of Carbon apps, but it doesn't give any access to selected images, and only limited access to styled text. So if you selected an image in Safari, we couldn't get access to it. There's a bunch of other limitations that prevent one app from invoking Services on another app, hotkey binding limitations, etc.

We think this may be part of the solution, but the current set of limitations prevents it from being a great general solution for all of the clipping that people would want to do.

Other apps have addressed this problem by writing special app-specific handler scripts for each desired source application. This is a bit tedious (and labor intensive), but it looks like we may need to investigate this route.


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