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"CREATE A NEW NOTEBOOK" from within the Mac APP when "SELECTING THE NOTEBOOK" for a particular note



  1. please make it possible to "CREATE A NEW NOTEBOOK" from within the Mac APP ??when "SELECTING THE NOTEBOOK" for a particular note ??

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    Nov 28Sent

    like one can on the IOS APP... i.e. on the iphone, if i touch the notebook name... i can search for a note book with the option (with a little "+" sign to create a new one <= this should be also available from the mac app and is very frusteration that it is not as when i dont see a notebook already in the list i have to goto NoteBooks =>create my new NoteBook, then return to the note and select my newly created notebook... so what often do is <="pick up my iphone" and add the new notebook from there and let it sink back to computer.. ;(.... sadd state of affairs... <=tx for you help!



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