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Change default name for penultimate notes



I would like to change the default name for Penultimate notes. I would like naming to set format of date and time differently:

not mm/dd/yyyy 12:00 AM/PM


yyyy/mm/dd 24:00 

This is so they autosort, and so I don’t have to rename every single note.

I take multiple notes in a day and would like them to sort by date. 

Another solution could be a way to more easily change note names, it is cumbersome from the Penultimate app on iPad.

Customizable naming so the user can choose format would be a delighter.

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Me too!

In general I want to have a simple shortcut in Evernote as well, by which I can fill in the date as the start of a TITLE of my note.

The format should be YYYYMMDD. This way notes can be easily sorted afterwards. Now I do this manually (I did this already thousands of time!).

Evernote is always very slow in picking up these kind of simple request that greatly enhance efficiency.

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