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(Archived) Monthly Usage Issue

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Hello Everyone,

I have been using Evernote on my Mac for work. I keep some large Excel files in most of my notes so I eat up my Monthly Usage. When I do so Evernote wont let me add any new notes. I understand that I can't sync new stuff to the Evernote cloud because Im at my limit but shouldn't I be able to add the note locally? I'm wondering if I can keep using Evernote for work because for the next 7 days in my cycle I have notes to add... right now they are sitting in a folder on my desktop waiting until my Monthly cycle begins again. Am I going about this the wrong way? Is there a setting that would allow me to put those files in my Mac client and not have it sync?

Lastly... I'd like to add I don't think there is enough Monthly space allotted to premium users and I feel there should be ways for us to purchase even more space if required.

Thanks for any advice and help.

- Oliver

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