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NOTEBOOK VIEWS are only in list view now??? why not allow users an option? u guys raise ur price, I have had numerous crashes or my OS and iOS systems get locked up with EN...considering after more than 6 years to try an alternative...in past I would send an email about an issue thinking customer service would at least acknowledge...but didn't...I certainly hope that the overwhelming voice of your clients are heeded to and provide us at least the option to view notebooks in grid vs list....


I also have never been able to understand what Im doing wrong or setting after all these yrs of using EN...when I either "share" to EN an article from a website or use EN clipper to encase the area to clip or tap on EN icon in tool bar...when I view the note later it is a blank note other than when open has the share icon and has a "picture" icon..sometimes I click on the pic and it forces me to log-on through a browser vs the app directly while other times states URL can not be found or opened or something along those lines...what am I doing wrong???




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