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(Archived) Bug: Notes with embedded Word Docs no opening correctly


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Greetings, I think I have found a bug in Evernote for Android v 1.4 (84727)

When I open a note with an embedded Word Document I get the message "sorry there is no application installed that supports this file type"

then immediately the document opens within Evernote and displays a bunch of unreadable gobbly gouch. I in fact have two applications installed that can open, read and edit Work docs such as Documents ToGo and Quick Office.

I have also figured out a work around for this bug. If I email the note to myself from the Evernote client I can then open the word document in Documents ToGo.

Hopefully there is an easy fix for this that the Evernote developers can use.

Thanks for the great service and the great Android client!

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