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Notebook Sharing Failure

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I want to share a notebook but have been unable to. It’s my first attempt to do sharing.  I created the shared notebook, populated it with some notes, and invited my colleague from within the notebook in EN for Windows, but he can’t see the notebook.  BTW: I’m a premium user on a PC.  He has a free account and works on a Mac.   

By some unknown, completely unmemorable series of actions I took, heaven only knows, I seem to have been able to get us to share EN “workchat emails," if that's what you call them  But that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

Other key information: I'm fairly saavy with computers.  My colleague is not.  His capacity to tolerate computer frustration is lower.  He has this quaint idea: "I will use my computer to do useful things."  He has not endured enough frustration to realize that this a goal to which he may aspire, but that he must soldier on regardless.  So, there is the risk of souring a relationship and opportunity to work together that hangs in the balance.

Also, too: I have brown hair.  My colleague is bald.  The whole experience has been the brown leading the bald.  At the rate it is going, it will soon become the bald leading the bald, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift.   

Why should people have to stumble around with something as basic as sharing functionality?  I ask this not to sound grumpy.  Consider: The EN folks in Deadwood City, CA continue to presume a level of computing sophistication among EN users that, as Will Rogers said, “just ain’t so.”  EN’s own tacit working knowledge about how to use the app is anything but obvious to many of their users.

I would appreciate any guidance and links to possible solutions.

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I had some assistance from the company. They seemed eager to help.  I sent them a log of my failed attempt. But my associate, with whom I wanted to share a notebook, seems to have felt it was more trouble than it was worth.  So, I threw in the towel.  More than once during the process, I wondered whether the company just wanted to encourage membership upgrades to the business version.

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I'm having a similar issue, where my shared note-book will not work.

Disappointed to see you never got it to work, but at least I know not to invest any money into it until I get a resolution first. 
Sorry you went through this frustrating event, but thank you for sharing.


I'm hopeful I can get it working. Did you have any luck yet?

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