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(Archived) Questions and feature request

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Wow. Evernote is fricking dope. I previously had my own wiki-esque thing I'd use to keep track of notes but this kicks it ass.

Anyways, my first question is:

What will the pricing for Evernote 3 be like? Are you guys going to try to charge a subscription type price and then give away the client? What about beta testers - will we be getting a license for free? I realize you guys just did a massive promotion (I saw the article on TUAW) so I get not wanting to give all the beta testers a free license, but what about beta testers that contribute bug reports/feature requests/etc. Do you guys keep track of the people who report bugs?

Next thing is a feature request. It'd be nice if in the Windows client you could right click on anything with a URL attached to it and do Copy URL or Copy Link Location or whatever it's called. Right now to get the URL on an image (the inital Evernote welcome actually), I had to Right Click -> Hyper Link -> Edit, then hi lite it and Control-C.

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We plan to keep the base service free, so what you're using right now won't cost anything.

In a few months, we'll roll out some premium features that would cost a few dollars a month. We're still working out the details on the premium package, but it would be things like: vastly higher storage and bandwidth limits, SSL traffic for all activity (right now, we only use SSL when passwords are being transferred), etc.


(And thanks for the feature suggestion.)

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Sweet! I'll probably be a subscriber! ;)

Although I know it's somewhat outside of the scope of Evernote (since Evernote is for notes, not file organization), I'd really like to be able to attach files too. I'm starting to add things like receipts for online purchases, and I have some .PDF's I'd like to have associated with the note.

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We're definitely trying to figure out the right way to handle PDFs cross-platform. You've described the perfect use case for PDFs (receipts, other small user-specific documents). We're trying to figure out the right way to support this type of thing. (We're a little less interested in becoming a digital library with millions of copies of War and Peace...)

It'll be a little bit until we roll this out, since not every platform has native PDF integration like the Mac, but we hope you'll like it when it comes.

Thanks again. ("Frickin dope," indeed.)

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