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Search CTRL+F large note within its images

Mike Johnson


I am not relying entirely on the ' text search within images' feature but when I do search evernote and it gives some promising results, including large notes, although I can glance through and try and see where this occurs within the note, a very large note, especially with annotated images and already highlighted text makes it hard to scan through visually for the term I searched. Even if Evernote has identified a use of the term within an image in a note, I cant seem to home in on all the uses of that term in the note if I use CTRL+F to search within the note - it doesnt return results from within the images. Happy to wrong on this and apologies for wasting your time (I did try with Evernote Web and the Windows client, and checked through a reasonable amount of posts in the forums here but couldnt see anyone talking about this feature).

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