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  1. As per the thread linked below... please can Evernote for Windows have parity in features with the Mac version. The Mac version almost looks like I would want to use it for a presentation but the Windows version is quite poor. It's less faff and stress (anticipating the odd behaving slides) to copy/paste to Powerpoint than try and get an Evernote 'presentation' to work properly. This would surely be a source of nice free marketing for you guys... not sure why you would want that spectacularly working against you...
  2. Thanks for that - I resisted from using the 'voting forum' because this is a Windows-specific request... rather than platform wide as in the 'voting forum'.
  3. hello team Evernote - you do realise that OneNote allows linking to individual paragraphs not just between notes...? MS are doing a great job of marketing to non-profits spreading themselves through all sorts of nooks in society. You need to make a better job of responding to this kind of request when the competition has already got it covered to the max.
  4. can we get some parity between functionality mac-windoze shortcuts/functionality please? That TOC note feature is badly missing as a way to navigate multiple notes in a presentation run from windows... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314488
  5. Yes - good option! - 'Table of Contents Note' or index notes are a recent breakthrough for me. I just dread what will happen to them if I ever need to reverse out of evernote... But I just wanted to add dont be put off by the 'setup' mentioned here because it is really easy - when you select all the relevant notes, evernote automatically offers to create a TOC note. However, the nice linked titles this gathers will only be 'internal links' so they wont work for someone without the rights to those notes. So, go for the 'Share' button instead, 'More Sharing', 'Copy Shareable Links' and this will give you a list of links. You can edit them down to sensible text by placing the cursor within the links and typing - so long as the hyperlink within the text isnt lost. There may be a more streamlined way of doing this...?
  6. I am not relying entirely on the ' text search within images' feature but when I do search evernote and it gives some promising results, including large notes, although I can glance through and try and see where this occurs within the note, a very large note, especially with annotated images and already highlighted text makes it hard to scan through visually for the term I searched. Even if Evernote has identified a use of the term within an image in a note, I cant seem to home in on all the uses of that term in the note if I use CTRL+F to search within the note - it doesnt return results from within the images. Happy to wrong on this and apologies for wasting your time (I did try with Evernote Web and the Windows client, and checked through a reasonable amount of posts in the forums here but couldnt see anyone talking about this feature).
  7. Thanks for bringing this up - I have just gone ahead and joined the discussion to support this as a feature request. It seems strange to not include my natural urge to CTRL+F to locate key terms as I'm skimming through a PDF. If we're interested in productivity then I would expect this feature to be there.
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