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A plea for Skitch, far more than meets the eye



Note -- there isn't a section for Android Skitch users so I hope you don't mind if I grab some space here....
I am a financial analyst and portfolio manager for a firm that manages investments for individuals. I've been working as an analyst for 14 years. Such work requires an enormous amount of reading. It's not uncommon for me to read 150 pages or more while researching a single company for possible investment. 
In the last few years I've gravitated towards reading more pdf documents on my tablet and Skitch is by far the best option. There is no other app for Android that allows me to highlight and notate a document and then automatically create a summary of those notations. I'm absolutely confident that you could easily convert other professionals that have similar reading requirements (students, lawyers, medical professionals, etc) if they only knew of this amazing magical power!
I understand your desire to streamline your focus in order to offer the best product (my whole life is in Evernote). However, I believe you can stay true to your mission and support Skitch for mobile. There are hundreds of programs for Mac and PC that allow screenshots to be notated and shared but I know of no other app for Android that can be used to notate pdf files and create summaries effortlessly. I think with some low cost clever marketing (forums, booths, etc) that you could showcase this amazing feature to various groups that would be most likely to use it and capture many new subscribers. You've already done the hard part -- created a great product! 
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I've also found no app for annotating screen shots, as well as creating simple graphical notes, that compares to Skitch in ease of use and functinality. Why not include the shapes, text, and arrows functions of Skitch into the handwriting note feature of Evernote?

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