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Large tables in EN's new tables = lag city



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At first I was very excited about EN's new tables. And they are pretty useful . . . for small tables.

I've got a large table (note size is 556 kb) and it is very slow to respond when opening the note, changing column widths, selecting text to copy, etc. Sometimes it is so unresponsive that I get the "not responding" error message.

This spreadsheet size is trivially small for a spreadsheet app, but apparently too much for EN. Until things improve, I'll have to take this data back to spreadsheet. Bummer that I spent a fair bit of time copying the data from spreadsheet into text editor into EN.

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Yeah, seems like Evernote has introduced the feature in their typical fashion, all style no substance. Since they are still struggling with basic font and copy/paste functions, and somehow manage to introduce more bugs with each version than they fix.... I imagine tables will be just for show and small spreadsheets. I wouldn't hold my breath to match something like Excel or OneNote anytime soon. Its disappointing, but not surprising. And yes, I would like that function too. It would allow me to not have to embed Excel documents in evernote.

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