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(Archived) Web Clipper doesn't add correctly

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Hi, I joined through Giveawayoftheday, and I must say... I regret not knowing about this product earlier, it is awesome! :D

Well, the Web Clipper is working for any other page so far (I'm using Firefox except this one. It just gets the banner, nothing else. Is that supposed to happen?

Well, no it's not, it's beta testing. But is everyone else having similar problems, and is there a way around it?

Thanks :D

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Unfortunately, we have three different tools for clipping web pages, so I might need you to narrow the problem a little bit. Are you using the clippers that were installed along with one of our desktop applications (Windows or Mac), or is this the browser-only bookmark link clipper from this page?:


Web clipping is more "sorcery" than "science" due to some of the messed-up web standards and technologies, so we appreciate hearing about problems. Thanks

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Hm, that's odd ... it worked for me, so a couple more questions:

Which OS are you using?

Did you select part of the page first, or are you clipping the whole page?

Thanks again

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