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Parcial notebook name on iOS app

Raul Silva


On the iOS app one cannot search for parcial notebook name.

When using a notebook based archival system it is very important to find notebooks using parcial name. The current implementation only support search from the start of the notebook name.

On the macOS application search yields results from both notes and notebooks, which works great!

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Exactly! It's disappointing to realize how Evernote in IOS is inferior to Mac's. While in Mac I can find everything with command + J, this is not possible with IOS. The most important thing is that in Mac, when I type the words regarding the title of a note, Evernote finds it no matter the order that the words are written. In IOS, you have to type exactly the words of the title, in the correct order, in order to Evernote to find it. This is not good. Please, would u update IOS app to correct this issue?

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