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(Archived) What means "sharing a notebook" in reality?

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I read several blog posts about the cool sharing notebook thing and several post in the user forum but I am wondering if my real world example will work.

I am a pro user of Evernote and I would like to use Evernote on my PC at work but of course I do not want to mix my personal stuff with my work stuff so my first idea was to only sync some certain notebooks but this doesn't work at all. So as next step I created a second account (free version) and created a new notebook I wanted to share between these two accounts but they just don't show up on the client side. Using the wired web version is no real option for me.

So my question @Evernote:

1.) Is there any real chance to get this work within the next months?

2.) What about the Evernote web Collaboration (feature Request) asked in Nov 2008? http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=8144&start=0

3.) What about the long wished possibility to have a passcode after launching Evernote on your Mac/PC or iPhone? (Please leave beside the local security stuff like..it's your problem if someone else can your pc etc)

Many thanks in advance!

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Currently, a second person can view and edit a shared notebook from a web browser only. I don't have a date for when sharing will be available within the desktop clients.

Thanks for the feedback.

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