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(Archived) Merging and Copy/Paste use up monthly upload allowance

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I've migrated a lot of documents and other content from email, file systems, and OneNote. As I organize it, I frequently need to move attachments from one note to another. At first I tried cut-and-paste, but I noticed it was eating into my monthly upload allowance each time I pasted. I then tried merge, and the same thing happens.

This doesn't make any sense to me, and I'm not even sure it's supposed to happen this way. Why would the file attachment need to be re-uploaded? It's already on the server!

Is this correct behavior? If it is, I suggest that it could be changed.


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Yes, currently each visible attachment in each note is independent, and is sent to the service separately.

Thanks for the feedback about this behavior. If your Premium account is stuck for this month because of this issue, please contact technical support for a one-time bump to make sure you can keep using your account. You can open an inquiry at the bottom of:


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Thanks for the quick response. Right now I have 21days and 40MB to go, so I may be ok. It's good to know that's available if I do need it, though. The behavior is still rather counter intuitive, though. If it does actually upload each time, I can see an opportunity for savings on storage and bandwidth on the server side.

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