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Simultaneous recording and transcription




I'm after simultaneous audio recording and automatic transcription into text. I'm often is situations where I want to make voice comments that I later need in written form but since the transcription is always unprecice or unreliable, I need the original audio as a backup. On Evernote I can do one at the time very well but I need both functionalities at the same time. Obviously it's OK, if I first record voice notes and run the transcription afterwards, but Evernote either transcribes only or takes written notes, which are hard to make e.g. in expos. 

If you have a solution for this then I'd be happy to hear about it, Mika

PS. I have both iPhone and iPad. I tried playing the recording from iPhone Evernote to iPad Evernote in transcription mode, but iPad refused to recognize recorded audio. While playing, it did recognize me speaking over the recording as I tested if it works at all...

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