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  1. I would also like this feature. The main benefit of the transcription would be that it's searchable, unlike the audio recording.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone at Evernote has taken note of LiquidText, but if not, you really should check them out. There is one feature they have that I'm desperate for and one other which is quite neat. 1. Notes on notes I make notes from books and online articles mostly. Oftentimes I want to make a "note on that note", like "I disagree with this, here's why", "this is contentious, here's why". But at the moment, I have to either 1) make those observations in a separate note and then link to that note, which creates "false positive" search matches, or 2) make the observations within the note itself, which is ungainly. What LiquidText does, and I think this is great, is have a simple way to make notes on notes. Evernote could really use a method of helping me to make observations on a note without altering the integrity of the note itself. 2. Search summary Evernote already has highlight summary for annotations on a PDF, which work pretty well. What LiquidText has additionally, however, is search context summaries. How it works is that you search for a keyword, and then in addition to jumping from one keyword match to another, you can pinch the document and see multiple search matches in context within a single view (see attachment). Thanks for listening. Matt
  3. I would also like to see Evernote on Brave browser.
  4. I have been waiting years for this… so annoying.
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