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(Archived) Usage on mac client is full, usage on web is not



I'm a premium member. My usage on the Mac client says I'm full up for the month at 500MB, but the usage on the web is 460MB. I can't scan or upload any more documents from my mac, but I can from the web and iPhone. What's with that? :( I'm running Version 1.9.0 (83438) of the Mac Client on Snow Leopard.

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If you created notes on your Mac and then put them into the Trash before they are synchronized, the Mac client will still count them against your quota until they are emptied from the Trash. (This is so that you can safely restore them from the Trash without going over your monthly allowance.)

So please try to empty the Trash from your Mac Evernote client, and then try to sync and see if the quota looks correct.

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