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Feature request. copy/move page between notebooks



wouldn't it be great to be able to copy/move complete notepages from one notebook to another?

I sometimes end up taking a new note in the wrong book and then have to mark/copy/change book/create new page/paste to get the note to where i want it. 



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Great idea. In addition, the highlight/drag feature can use some updating. Instead of just 'drag', there should be a menu to allow copy/cut/etc. 

This is a great product, I hope Evernote continues to support and update it. 

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Is there a workaround to copying and pasting?  I'd almost be okay copying and pasting however it's not possible to copy an entire page in Penultimate.


I just renewed my usage of Evernote and rely heavily on Penultimate however the functionality seems to be trailing that of One Note and Notability.  Am I missing something?

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