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Reminder List: Please Make Available in All Views



I would like to request that the Reminder List be made available for all note sorting views in Evernote for Windows.  I've attached a screenshot of the list to which I'm referring. 

Currently, it is not possible to view reminders above notes in the Top List or Side List views - instead, it's available only in the Snippet View, Card View, and Thumbnail View.  In contrast, it is possible to view reminders at the top of the Side List view on the Mac OS version (although, the top list on Mac doesn't allow for viewing the reminder list, either). 

This is a small inconvenience, but because I use both the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote, I've been puzzled by it for a while.  Having this option would be great!  If anyone has made this request already, I apologize for the duplicate.



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