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First off, I wanted to let you know I was referenced here by MacBreak Weekly, a podcast from the TWiT network. Second, what a great piece of software! The idea of having a local client on my home mac, work dell, and access all of my documents, images, and pdfs from anywhere in the world is fantastic. I have started working in Evernote on a regular basis, and I have a couple of questions.

1. I have many documents already produced in the .doc format that I would love to put into EverNote. Is there an easy import method for that?

2. Are there plans to continue development in the WYSIWYG editor (more office-level features) to include things like footnotes?

3. Any plans for a live spell check?

4. Any plans for a CTRL-F function within the editor itself?

Looks great so far :)

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As an old 2.2 user, I feel obligated to burst your bubble a bit:

1. Unless the Mac version is substantially different from the Windows version, I don't see how you're going to be able to access all of your "documents, images, and pdfs from anywhere in the world". EN does not *hold* other documents (unlike, say, OneNote). In 2.2 you can link to other documents. That doesn't work in 3. (Well, in 3 you can still copy in images or text file contents, but I don't think it's teh same thing you're referring to.)

2. The editor in 2.2 was always one of the weakest points, but the EN folks would never commit to improving it. We don't even have native table ability. Given that 3 is headed towards more of a *collection* tool, e.g., from your snazzy camera phone, don't hold your breath about getting a good editing tool.

3. Similarly for live spell check. 2.2 has *on demand* spell check, but never live. (2.2 has more functionality in some ways than 3).

4. Ditto for demand for search within note functionality. Didn't have it before, even though people have been requesting it for ages. Don't expect to get it again.

Of course, my comments are all from an end-user perspective, not someone who actually knows anything...

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Crane is correct in that Evernote was not designed to be a document management system. It's used to store and later search personal content in a variety of formats such as text, images, audio, html, and others in the future.

We do have plans to add more note editing features but not to the level of a full WYSIWYG editor with things like footnotes.

The current Evernote for Mac beta 1.0.2 does support:

Importing .doc files: drag and drop one or more .doc files onto the name of the destination notebook in the NOTEBOOKS panel. A more general import function is in the plans for a future release.

Spell checking within a note: right-click the note's header and the Mac context menu will appear with spelling and grammar checking along with other services like speaking the text in a note.

Search within a note: double-click (ctrl-click) a note to open it and enter search terms into the search box in the note header.

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Great to know about the on-demand spell check. I just noticed that it also works in Windows client (right click on note or F7 key).

However, as someone who's come to really appreciate live spell checking - especially now that it's easily available in browsers like Firefox/IE (which means I have live spell checking as I type this post, but not in EN) - I would LOVE to see it in Evernote. I enter the majority of my notes by typing them in (old fashioned, I know) and would absolutely benefit from a feature like this.

Hope it makes it into one of the later builds...

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