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Filtering by Tag 'x' should pre-fill search box with 'tag:x'

Wilf Forrow


Filtering by Tag 'x' in the side view is brilliant, but I often need to narrow the results down further by searching for 'y' (still within tag 'x').  But typing 'y' into the search box clears the tag filter and searches across all notes, which is not at all useful, or even obvious that it's happened.

Please can EN pre-fill the search box with the text 'tag:x<space>', so that I can add 'y' to get the result I want.  This is very quick, simple and intuitive, unlike more complex techniques such as saved searches.  I know I could type 'tag:x' myself, but that's painful and non-intuitive.  It would also help non-expert users to see how the 'tag:' search works.  

As far as I can see, filtering by tag 'x' is exactly the same as searching for 'tag:x', so it's consistent with Evernote behaviours.

The search box 'add search option' adds tags in icon format, rather than text, but this precludes the brilliant wildcard tag searches, so the simpler text format is my preference, (unless the icon format supports wildcards in future, which would also be good).

My primary use of EN is Mac (Version 6.10 (454269 App Store)), but also IOS on iPhone and iPad.

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