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Resurrection Features



Quick mini list of cool features to consider for the I'm not Dead release of Skitch...

  1. Photos: The crop tool needs to show more contrast. When cropping a white screenshot you can barely see the crop marks.
  2. Photos: Add crop presets. Have a social media icon to crop for that ratio. Have a device icon to crop for that device's full screen ratio (way useful for developers, designers are reviewers).
  3. Map: Write on a Map feature. Love this feature, but please add satellite view option since often times I'm trying to tell folks exactly where to enter a building.
  4. Web: Markup a Web Page's Learn more doesn't specify who's share button. Got lost in the steps. I'll spend some time researching it, but maybe a link at the bottom of the Learn How dumping you in your forum's topic would help folks like me figure it out.
  5. Draw an Idea: Love the concept, but there should be more than a Blank Page as an option. Have some Evernote Fun and add graph paper, napkin, etc. 
  6. Draw an Idea: Your icon shows a cool squiggle, but the default tool is the arrow pointer which doesn't work well for a blank page. Default to squiggle!
  7. Settings: The button options for Resize canvas to SMS all have the on/off states sitting on top of the text (I'm on an iPhone 6S+ with old man larger text enabled).

Skitch version 3.41 (4529)


BTW - Please give the Dev team for Skitch my gratitude for keeping the love alive!

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