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(Archived) Power of evernote in search/find extend to droid


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On the desktop, I think that the power of evernote is in the extensive search/find functions (tags - another component).

So why isnt this carried forward to the Android ? One of my most used features for years (using old palm pda) is to do a find to validate something in a file/note and / or remind myself.

EN on android displays the matched notes and after d/l it highlights the matched - pretty neat, but I wish it would have capability to go to NEXT match/find as we can in the desktop EN. This is something I use all the time, so I'm surprised that I haven't found other posts about this.

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Has someone some solved this? Or is there a thread that I can't find? Thanks.

When I have a large note that has multiple matches, the only solution I've found so far is to copy the note to "Note Everything" which has the function to find the next occurrence of the match.

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