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Regarding lack of support and response after completion of Evernote Community Leader program

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I am writing on this forum to see if I can get any kind of support as I am extremely disappointed in the lack of follow through with the Evernote ECL program. 

As an Evernote evangelist I went ahead and completed the ECL training program, taking valuable time out of my life to finish the program. After which I received a response stating that I successfully completed it. I signed an agreement with my personal email instead of my Evernote email, after clarifying that, I awaited follow up over the past 8 weeks. 


Since then, there has been silence on the end of Evernote. I have emailed the Community Program Coordinator without response multiple times. I reached out to Evernote on twitter and I figured this was the next best way of trying to get some kind of answer. 

As a premium user who is trying to build the Evernote community/customer base, this experience leaves me with a bad taste that comes up every time I use the app on a daily basis. If there is any kind of support I can receive it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi @Rick112

This is Charlotte,  Evernote's Community Program Manager. I've looked through our correspondence and noticed that you never completed the Evernote Community Legal Agreement. I'll go ahead and resend you the final on boarding steps to complete. 


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Hi, I saw this post and am also wondering how I complete this program and get the badge that is mentioned?  I think I did everything.  I have emailed the instructor on the site with no response.

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Thanks for reaching out. My name is Charlotte and I manage the Evernote Community program.  

Earlier this year, we made some big changes to our community programs and relaunched them as the Evernote Community and Evernote Certified Consultants. 

As a member of the Evernote Community program, you receive: 

  • Access to Evernote education, resources, and training coursework.
  • Access to community-only webinars and discussion groups.
  • One time payment for signing up newly paid customers to paid Evernote services ( 70% of the first monthly payment for monthly subscriptions, or - 10% of the first annual payment for annual subscriptions ).

To become an Evernote Certified Consultant, you must first be accepted and pass our certification course work with an 85% or higher. Once you've become certified, you'll receive: 

  • 25% commission on new paid subscriptions for the first two years of each subscription. 
  • Access to community-only education and resources. 
  • Listing on the Evernote website and an badges and other design assets for marketing purposes.
  • Priority access to the Evernote Support team. 
  • Access to community-only webinars and private discussion group. 
On 7/12/2019 at 10:17 AM, rziebol said:

I saw this post and am also wondering how I complete this program and get the badge that is mentioned?

You can apply for the Evernote Community program at https://evernote.com/community. Applying is all you have to do for the Evernote Community program! Training and education opportunities are optional but not required for this program. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions you have! 


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Hi,  I have read this information.  So the ECT-Training 2019 course is no longer required or used for anything?  I though it was used for becoming an Evernote Community Leader?

I guess from what I read above, it seems this course exists but no longer means anything,  Ok.

From what has been written the only real program that seems to exist now is the Evernote Certified Consultant and I must be considered for this program.

What other courses do I have access to as a Community Member?

Thanks for the information.

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