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Not every new install is for a newbie



I just went through an unusual experience but I feel it's worth sharing as a new idea.  I was a long-time paid Mac user and for reasons best discussed over a beer I switched to Windows for my work computer.  First it was Windows 7.  That was a huge step back but it turned out that IT was experimenting with Windows 10 so I got a new laptop in short order.  Because it was a beta program, I had to reimage twice.  Bottom line:  I have had to install Evernote 3 times in a short period of time.

First time I had to struggle with the learning curve for a new platform.  I had to figure out how to set options for look and feel that was similar to my Mac.  I guess that's to be expected.  But each of the other two installs was a PITA because I didn't remember some of the crazy tricks like File > Exit to save my option changes vs. click the X in the upper-right.

Contrast that to Chrome.  When I logged into Chrome, it seemed to remember everything.  When I switched from Mac to Windows it remembered my bookmarks.  I had to freshly install helper apps like the Web Clipper.  Makes sense.  When I went through the next two reimages, it even installed the helper apps.  It couldn't have been easier.

My suggestion:  Emulate Chrome's memory so that when a user gets a new laptop or changes operating system versions and has to reinstall Evernote, their settings are remembered and all the newbie reminders are turned off.

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