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(Archived) printing issues



whenever i try to print my notes directly from any notebook, they come out as one paragraph, as if i never left space in between sections to manually draw in schematics (i need the space for schematics as i am a electronics engineering student) but if i try to print from the online account, the notes come out fine. i know i have the right drivers for the printer i am sending it to. and i checked every setting both in evernote and on the mac's printer settings. please help as this is a huge annoyance and if its not fixed i will quit evernote.

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How did you create these particular notes? For example, was the content pasted from another application?

I tried printing a few different notes, and the paragraphs remained spaced correctly.

I know that there are some print formatting issues, particularly with notes containing large or irregular images and embedded PDFs. But I haven't heard of issues with printing text paragraphs on the Mac.

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