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At last the zooming option is here! I needed this because I use Evernote across many different devices and the fonts and sizes are inconsistent between them.

But alas I've encountered a bug!

I have two notes with the same fonts and font sizes. On my Mac, I zoomed in on "Note A" to 120%. When I switch over to my Windows machine, Note A is still zoomed in, but now it's the default zoom on Windows. When I change the zoom back to 80% (which isn't perfect because 120% * 80% =/= 100%), leave the note and come back, it still goes back to 120% default. Note B shows the same font and font size as Note A, but is not zoomed in.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Attached is a screen clip. Note A is on the right, which I zoomed in on on my Mac. Both notes are set to default zoom in Windows


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