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  1. Right now the same sorting method applies to all notebooks. But some notebooks I want to see by creation date, some by update date.
  2. Not really Android, but since it's Google related - how about an update to the ancient Chrome Web App? I bought a Chromebook specifically for productivity and with Evernote in mind, but the Chrome web app is so out of date that it displays everything too small and lacks a lot of formatting options. I've run into a few notes that were opened with warnings because of formatting issues. This app hasn't been updated in 2 years! Neglected for way too long. Currently I am using the web version of Evernote just so I can have a legible version of my notes, but I can't use that offline and that's
  3. After browsing a few of the other threads here, it looks like the 4K small app/font size issue is taken care of (at least on my computer), but the formatting is still not good yet. For example, underlining a sentence will put a 1 pixel line underneath. On a 1080p screen, this is visible. On a 4K screen this line is still 1 pixel thick, but nearly impossible to see since this pixel is 75% thinner. Changing my display settings to display 1080p or trying to zoom actually doesn't fix this issue - it still shows a 1 pixel thickness line. It should really be 4 pixels thick on a 4k screen
  4. At last the zooming option is here! I needed this because I use Evernote across many different devices and the fonts and sizes are inconsistent between them. But alas I've encountered a bug! I have two notes with the same fonts and font sizes. On my Mac, I zoomed in on "Note A" to 120%. When I switch over to my Windows machine, Note A is still zoomed in, but now it's the default zoom on Windows. When I change the zoom back to 80% (which isn't perfect because 120% * 80% =/= 100%), leave the note and come back, it still goes back to 120% default. Note B shows the same font and font siz
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