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Make choosing list-type a 1-click again

Magnus Børmark


In the latest update of Evernote, on the Ipad, you have to press the "list" icon, and then specify from a sub-meny what kind of list you want, whereas in the previous version you had access to list-type directly from the top of the keyboard. There is plenty of room there for icons ( now it's just white space where the icons used to be, ) so I see no reason for making it a 2-click operation to make a specific list, when you could just selct list-type directly. This also accounts for the "tab-level" functions as well. I am writing because I take a lot of notes during meetings, and this new hierarchy of list-functions really slowed down my workflow

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Yes, there's another posting with the basically same complaint/suggestion:


I replied to that posting, but I'm also writing here to increase the visibility of the issue:

Yes, PLEASE! This was the first thing I noticed (to be very annoying) after updating the app.

I used to write notes during a meeting real-time with the bullet list + indentation, but now having to tap twice for everything it's almost impossible to catch up the speed.


Reverting back to the previous layout would be the first step; even better is allowing the user to customize the bar so that one can add favorite shortcuts and remove/hide rarely used ones.

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There is plenty of room for icons, so utilising a drag-n-drop customisable toolbar would be an interesting solution. But also just going back would suffice. As for now, I can not, as you say as well, keep up to speed with my note-taking, lists, bullets and check-boxes, all which are essential to making effective and organised notes.


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