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  1. Yes. That is what I am referring to. Sorry for lack of specification. Well, yeah, that helps, but then you lose relevant preview and visual information from the note.
  2. In the latest update for IPAD/IPOD, the CARD VIEW is gone, in favour for the LIST VIEW. This is very strange to me, from a workflow perspective, as you can have an overview of twice the amount of notes on a screen with card view than with list view. In list view you also use half the screen to access the note, so as enabling you to edit it whilst still seeing the list of notes. Now, this workflow may work for many, but I'd reckon there is a significant amount of people that like to edit their notes full screen ( using screen space for what is relevant at the moment ) , and so would go full scr
  3. YES!!! There is plenty of room for icons, so utilising a drag-n-drop customisable toolbar would be an interesting solution. But also just going back would suffice. As for now, I can not, as you say as well, keep up to speed with my note-taking, lists, bullets and check-boxes, all which are essential to making effective and organised notes.
  4. In the latest update of Evernote, on the Ipad, you have to press the "list" icon, and then specify from a sub-meny what kind of list you want, whereas in the previous version you had access to list-type directly from the top of the keyboard. There is plenty of room there for icons ( now it's just white space where the icons used to be, ) so I see no reason for making it a 2-click operation to make a specific list, when you could just selct list-type directly. This also accounts for the "tab-level" functions as well. I am writing because I take a lot of notes during meetings, and this new hiera
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