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Some snippets blank on a new Mac but fine on the old Mac. v6.10

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Hi Everyone,

I am having a problem with the large majority of my notes having a blank snippet in snippet view.

  • Mac mini (Late 2014) 3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB
  • Sierra 10.12.3 
  • Evernote Version 6.10 (454267 Direct)

This is a new system, first time Evernote has been installed on it. I allowed it to download all my notes and then witched to "Snippet View". Roughly 25%-50% of the snippets show what they are supposed to but the other 50-75% show only Title, Date, Tags, while not showing any preview text. The Notes have text in them but the Snippet isn't showing any.

My previous Mac (a 2009 Mac Book Pro) has the same version of Evernote but is on Yosemite, that computer shows all the snippets correctly, text preview included. What can I do to fix the snippets on the new Mac?

Editing a note and then selecting another note does fix the issue in a per note basis but we are talking hundreds of notes that would need to be individually updated. I have 1197 notes total. Is there some way to refresh the previews in the snippets all at once?

Other things I have tried:

  • Clicking Sync Icon on toolbar several times (waiting for it to stop before clicking again)
  • Exiting and restarting Evernote (Menu: Evernote | Quit Evernote)
  • Restarting the computer
  • Changing views
  • Waiting a few days in hopes something magically happens. Ok fine I was playing Xbox.

I would prefer not to have to delete and redownload all the notes just to get the previews to show since the notes are actually there in Evernote and because it's pretty large. I don't want to have my internet provider get on me for high data usage, I have an Xbox and those game images eat up a lot of data already.

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