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(Archived) Thank you for Note History feature!

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I have to admit some anger at Evernote for what I perceived as its deletion of a note on my Mac desktop client. And I still believe I didn't inadvertently delete it; somehow it never saved or synced.

That said, I just discovered the Note History feature today and found the 2 hours of inspired work I thought had disappeared and that I've been avoiding trying to recreate. I am as high now as I was low when I thought I'd lost it! Thank you for having this back-up system in place.

To those of you who are premium users and have lost work on EN, there may be hope yet. If you haven't looked into this feature, there may be some relief waiting for you. As a side note, if you're not a premium user, this is a good reason to consider it--for the record, I'm not in any way connected to EN, but I do believe in paying for good, premium features/that people should get paid for their work.

On the topic, a couple of questions:

1. How often does the Note History feature take a picture of a changed/changing note? Which platforms take advantage of this feature? (Ie. Web v. Desktop v. Mobile)?

2. How long will the backs-up remain on your servers?

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Glad that it worked out for you. We think that the History feature gives a nice "piece of mind" for Premium users, and it also helps our own Support folks deal with issues that may even be caused by bugs in our software. So it's "win-win".

1. The history/backup versions of the note are always maintained on the web service itself. You could sort of think of it as if the server was backing up all of your notes at least once per day, but the process is actually triggered whenever the service receives notification that a note is updated (from any client, or from the web). At that point, we'll keep a snapshot of the older version if you haven't saved the note recently. So we don't bother to keep a million versions if you just edit a note over and over for two hours, but we'll make sure that you can at least get to yesterday's version. Currently, I think that the actual cut-off is something like 8 hours, but we're not necessarily committing to exactly that number, so I'd just say that we'll keep "at least one snapshot per day" of a note that you're modifying.

2. We're not currently deleting any of the older backup versions, although we might do some pruning at some point if that gets out of hand.

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