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(Archived) First crash <30secs into testing!

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Hi all,

Well to say the new version was much anticipated by me is an understatement. However the sentence "it's almost ready" on the homepage of EN is probably an overstatement!

I simply started EN3, entered my login details, and the tried to 'maximise' a note with the top right button. Crash.

The other obvious issue: I use EN at work as I'm sure many do- it successfully logged in despite the corporate firewall, which I was impressed by. However any attempt at synchronisation failed. And you can't even import anything until a sync has been done! It says "You don't have any registered notebooks. Please do sync with your account".

I'm a pretty thorough and constructive Beta tester, but this code would have to be considered alpha at best. I'll check back in in a few months.


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