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Outlook Clipper - sent = created date



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Please can the Outlook Email Clippers take the sent date of an email (or the received date if that's easier) and use that for the created date of note containing that email?

See,  I recently had this brilliant idea to triage my email.  I have four main accounts (for various dumb reasons),  in Outlook and Gmail/ Yahoo,  none of which is likely to get to 'inbox zero' anytime soon.  I've made several attempts to do so however,  and where it's possible,  my old emails have gone into various folders on each account to get them out of immediate view.  Giving me emails in four separate folders in various locations.  (Although -for the technical- I have IMAPped into all the net-based accounts from Windows Outlook 2013,  so they're all available there,  though still as separate accounts.)

It's not that easy managing multiple folders,  searching and sorting etc in Outlook,  so I decided that Evernote was the place to resolve this.  I'd clip emails from each folder into a new notebook,  where

  1. they'd be in one place and easily searchable,  and
  2. I stood a good chance of finding duplicates and eliminating a fair amount of advertising chaff into the bargain
  3. I'd lighten the load on all the email address sites (& particularly Outlook!!) which might speed things up a bit.

So.  The Evernote Clipper will happily transfer dozens of emails into separate notes and the notebook of my choice.  But when the note is set up,  the created date is "today",  not the date on which the email was sent,  or when it was received.  So there's not much point in sorting emails by date,  and I need to get any important information into the title.

Life would be so much easier if the Outlook Clipper took an email's send date,  or the email client's received date and used that for the created date of the note.  Or added it to the title.

Side note:  Outlook Clipper puts notes directly into my WIndows database.  That's a really good feature - if only all clippers worked this way...  :mellow:

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