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Fix Evernote So It Works


How abouts removing the bugs from Evernote? So, like, when I THINK I saved a PDF it actually saves? Or basic functionality like being able to check the web version from an iPhone?

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Can you provide anymore details about the incident? Did you email the PDF to Evernote? Were you using the web version when you sent it? Did you do everything from your phone? Was it an iphone using the app or the share menu?

I ask because I recently had difficulty at my office using the web version on a PC and trying to attach files to a new note. The web version would display "upload complete" or "files uploaded" whichever it is, yet when I would open the note it would be blank. Evernote support were able to help me realize it was likely a temporary Internet files problem and I only had to logout and login (no restart) and that was enough that the next attempt was successful. 

I've also had several issue with my notes over the years when I had sporadic cell signal or shoddy public wifi. 

There have been a few occasions where emailing items to my Evernote email resulted I  a blank note  only once was Evernote staff unable to help me find my data  

Finally I would support you views of a "mobile web version" as I would also love to verify my notes that way. 


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