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(Archived) Hyperlinks not activated in notes


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I'm having this problem too - in a text note is there any way to mark some text as HTML or a URL?

I'm using the HTC Hero on Sprint in the US (I know, we only have 1.5, sorry).

I tried pasting the URL from my browser address bar - no luck.

- For one thing, I can't add a URL to an existing note because when I try to paste, the whole note text field gets selected. No way to paste without replacing the existing content, right? (There is no equivalent to Ctrl-V in HTC Hero. )

- I created a new note and pasted the URL in as the entire content - no hyperlink appears and I can't find a way to make one.

No help on this topic - how can I have a text note with URL web links? Is there another option?

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A plain text note doesn't have hyperlinks, but if you paste the URL itself into a note, then you'll be able to click on that URL when you see it in a note.

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Ok this has turned into the move-to- 3banana for this paid customer... as it makes many notes worthless to me.

Hyperlinks stopped working with NEW. notes for the last few months.... whether its a shared note from the device browser or note emailed in.

Am using the beta.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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