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Improve Reminders




Currently, Reminders are not really reminding me, because they appear and disappear quickly and I don't notice them.
I am using the Windows client, I don't know about other clients, but I think all Evernote apps should have the options that I'm about to suggest.

Suggestions to improve Reminders:

  • Add option to play a notification sound
  • Add option to choose a style of reminder notification, maybe the notification can be configured to be a large window that appears containing the entire Note or something like that
  • Display Remaining time until the Reminder date, for example 5 days remaining or 3 hours remaining
  • Reoccurring reminders: add an option to specify that I should be reminded every X times, for example remind me every day, or every couple of hours etc...

These features are simple and they can be implemented in a short time. Hopefully they will be added in the next Evernote update.

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