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  1. It's crazy how some people say that it's okay to have issues to in public releases because TOS don't promise you anything... When I encounter a serious issue, like an issue I encountered with Evernote, which basically results in data loss, which is the total opposite of what Evernote is supposed to do, which is to save your data.... Such an issue is not acceptable. I will not ask for compensations. But such issues make you think to ditch the software all together. If Evernote cares about keeping customers, they should care about releasing working software. If they don't care about that, they
  2. I faced the same issue that overwrites a note's content by another one more than once. I am a free user, I don't have History feature. So I had to dig into the local Evernote's database and look for the old notes there. I found them, but the formatting was all gone, the entire note was in one big line, no commas, no signs etc... I have to reformat a giant line to make it the note readable again..... It was a big pain. I reported the bug but no one responded, no update was released etc... so I just went back to v6.7. I am surprised like you, that the Development team doesn't test their s
  3. Evernote v6.8.7 is the worst version I have ever used. Freezes all the time, and worst of all, there is a bug that overrides a note's content by another one. For example, I had one note that its content was replaced by the content of a different note and I have no idea why. I had to open Evernote database which is in SQLITE format, and searched in the notes history until I found the old note there, but it was not formatted, everything was in one line. It was basically a big pain to deal with. Seriously, you don't test your product for a defect that causes data corruption? The main re
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