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Pinning Tags and Notebooks to Start Menu

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I looked everywhere and was unable to find this feature on the forum.    Is there anyway to pin a notebook or a tag to the Windows 10 Start Menu?

Seems so simple of an idea, but it would superpower how I access my notes.  I can pin a notebook write next to a one drive folder, and a todoist project to have all data associated with a typical topic right together.

Anyone come up with something clever to make this happen?


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As far as I know, it is not possible to pin an Evernote notebook directly to Windows 10 Start Menu. However, by utilizing ENScript.exe utility, that comes with Evernote, you can implement a workaround. By using this utility, you can create search shortcuts on your desktop, which in turn can be pinned to Windows 10 Start Menu. More information is available on following notes:  Make Evernote More Approachable with Custom Windows 7 Integration (the procedure works the same on Windows 10) and Evernote Search: Desktop Shortcuts, Command Line Parameters (PC).

I do not know if this what you want, but give it a look. More information on ENScript.exe is available on this note: ENScript - Scripting Evernote in Windows - Home - Thought Asylum.                               


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